Home theatres remain one of the features in virtually every home that improves their appeal and comfort. Sound systems are what many homeowners can’t do without.  With the increasing designs that appear online and magazines daily, many homeowners can’t help but crave to have such home theatre and acoustical finishes come alive in their space. But then, the discrepancies and difference in subcontractors, interior renovators, architects, acoustician among others often make them dream sound system of the homeowner never become a reality. ESP Construction is an all-in-one residential expert that takes up the project of renovating your home, and also installs an ideal sound system that defines your personality and meets your taste.

We stand out with our home theatre and acoustical finishes, ensuring that every element incorporated in the theatre design we offer you flaunts state-of-the-art technology. At ESP Construction, we have expertly created processes that accommodate the needs of our customers who seek modern lifestyle trends and trendy architectural styles. Despite the budget of our customers, we make use of modern acoustical modeling software to analyze and predict vibrations, reverberation, and many other acoustical features. Whether it’s for an existing sound system or a yet-to-be-installed system, we make our evaluation and regulate the entire acoustical activities to ensure our clients enjoy their stay in their homes while using the sound system we installed.

Our primary role in your bespoke home theatre project is that of acoustic experts, engineer and designer put together. We believe that whenever you turn on your home theatre system, any time, any day, you deserve the best listening experience. That’s why we go far and above to ensure we cater to every issue of sound containment and quality in any project we handle. Whenever you decide to get an audio/visual expert to handle your sound and visual components, it’s clear that you need someone who will meet your needs and transform your vision into reality. ESP Construction comes in with full expertise when we take up your project, work like we are working in our homes and ensure we integrate your entire sound and visual systems to work on their full potentials

Why ESP Construction Remains Your Best Team For Home Theatre and Acoustical Finishes

  • We isolate vibration from sound, and create the shell of your home theatre, to ensure you get the best listening experience.
  • We optimize noise control and work to make your entire system void of noise while producing the required sound
  • ESP Construction prioritizes sound quality and works in all angles to achieve this mission. Ranging from room treatments to custom integrations among others, we make sure we leave your home with the best sound quality features.
  • Calibration of home theatre systems with digital signal processing techniques.
  • After-service investigative analysis and measurements to ensure solutions have been implemented perfectly.


PRO-Stretch is not just an average acoustic panel you find anywhere. In fact, some of the self-acclaimed sound and visual experts don’t use it. ESP Construction stands out with the best acoustic solutions, and one of the unmatched services we offer is PRO-STRETCH panel installation.

PRO-STRETCH comes with various and special components that are coupled to ensure optimum on-site coordination, sound control and so many other benefits. It allows for quick installation and is compatible with many surfaces including ceilings, concrete, walls, among others. If you want an acoustic panel installation that requires low maintenance cost and poses low damage issues, then you wouldn’t be wrong to opt for PRO-STRETCH.

Our expert acoustic panel installers know how to make PRO-STRETCH panels compatible with various surfaces, even not-so-smooth surfaces. With its lightweight feature and quality packaging, you’re sure that we’ll install them without hassle or damage to the panels. Whether you want to refurbish, construct a new structure or do a retrofit, PRO-STRETCH is your sure bet to turn your space into a mini cinema.

We can help you create a cinema project in your space, exactly the way you want it. Having helped a long list of happy customers, we understand that each client wants something different somewhat, and that’s why we are up to know your needs and meet them. Whenever you want a PRO-STRETCH acoustic panel installed in your space, and turning your space into a cinema spot, ESP Construction is here for you.

Acoustical Panels

No homeowner would want to listen to reverb, echo, and ambient noise while using their sound system. We understand how uncomfortable it could make any home feel, and we’re out to help you. With acoustical panels, ESP Construction helps you control sound and reduce noise in your space.

Acoustical panels have sound absorbing features and are available in various colors, sizes and types to ensure your particular needs are met. At ESP Construction, we handpick the materials we use in working for our customers, and acoustical panels are not an exception. We take out time to handpick acoustical panels made from acoustic foam, rated Class A, and covered in perforated metal, and ready to use in your space.

Before we install acoustical panels in your home while catering to your home theatre projects, we map out time to evaluate the level of sound absorption that is perfect for your space. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service. That’s why we evaluate your particular requirements and go for apt panels that are ideal for noise control in line with your needs. We install acoustical panels made from the best quality materials and are sure to silence the noise, eliminate echo, and absorb sound. You can never get it better elsewhere, that’s why we stand out. Get in touch with us today for bespoke and quality acoustical panel installation.

Architectural Acoustic Wood Panels

Often, it’s not all about controlling background noise and reverb, improving the sound is paramount. Architectural acoustic accounts for reverberation time, acoustic shadows, sound absorption, echoes, and improves sound quality overall. Otherwise known as room or building acoustics, architectural acoustic is paramount for every home with an audio system.

Our team of sound and visual experts has many years of individual and combined experience. They draw on their experience to control noise transmission, improve sound quality and cater to all the acoustic needs of our customers all over the GTA. Despite the location of your home and how close it is to sources of noise, we build skin envelope to help analyze and guide your space from external noise transmission. Likewise, our experts offer inter-space noise control, as it’s not good for noise to be transmitted from a portion of a building to another, perhaps from one room to the other. We know the sound paths and the ideal architectural acoustic approach to adopt to cater to these sound paths. Our interior space acoustic solution is second to none, and we go extra miles to ensure that all the architectural acoustic service we offer, are delivered as advertised

One thing is to know when you need acoustic panels in your space, and another is choosing the right materials. But opting for the expert brand to help you throughout the entire process crowns it all. Wood Panels have been around for quite a long time and remain one of the best ways to ensure sound absorption and soundproofing any space. If you’ve ever wanted a higher level of sophistication and comfort in your home even while making maximum use of your sound and visual systems, then you might need some wood panels to achieve your dream. ESP Construction knows when, and how to use wood acoustic panels for sound control, noise control and absorption.

Wood acoustic panels are specially made from sound absorbing materials that insulate sound and reduce the intensity of sound when it passes. For many acoustic conditioning projects, wood panels play inevitable roles, and we make this come alive. Wood acoustic panels are durable with high quality, cost-effective, flaunts low VOC, improve privacy, control noise leaving and entering a defined space, increase speech clarity, reduce reverberation, and even paintable.

When you want to control sounds and make your home a place to beat anytime, without noise pollution, ESP Construction is a trusted brand you can call on. We’re always ready to handle your projects expertly

Quality and On-time Service Delivery

Getting an expert who handles your home theatre and acoustical finishes, is good, but it’s best when you hire a brand with an eye for quality and delivers on-time. ESP Construction gives you exactly what you need. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why you’ll never see us working with poor quality materials. All the materials we use are handpicked and assured to be of very high quality so that when we leave your space after completing any project, you’ll forever remain thankful and recommend our service. Your time remains a priority to us when we work. Our workers and whole management work hand-in-glove with you to ensure we deliver on-time.