ESP construction has devised an irresistible means to provide you with quality drywalls and taping services. The availability of several options and right type of drywall to cover your walls and ceiling are found in ESP. Our Taping and drywall service works hand in glooves because we carefully establish a tapered drywall joints with special edges that will accommodate joint compound and tape. ESP has taken it upon it’s integrity to broaden our drywall and taping service, thereby, whether you’re finishing a basement, fixing a damaged wall, hanging drywall in new houses or building an addition, our team of experienced workers will make smooth and invisible seams even at inside corners.

From onset, drywall finishing or taping and mudding is by far the most challenging part of drywall installation, this is exactly where many assumed professional get their work all wrong and amateur drywallers run into big problem. But while the skill of perfect finishing comes through constant practice, that’s where ESP emerges a giant in the industry. Having satisfied numerous clients in time past, we are the best construction company to handle your drywall and taping project. We do less of adverts because our outstanding projects speaks volume about our expertize.

You may encounter the threat of having your inside corners look ragged due to poor dry walling and taping services, we employ the latest and technical strategies to get the best quality and solid wok done. ESP construction uses metal reinforced tape by combining a metal angle with paper flanges for a perfectly shaped and smooth inside corner, the metal gives the drywall a serene and rigid surface to ride on when taping the corner.

Are you in a serious search for exceptional drywall professionals? You’ve arrived in the right ring. We purchase great taping tools, coupled with our craftsmen, we build the heart of ESP construction vibes.

There are numerous reasons why our finished wall look great and you wouldn’t resist what you’ll get. Where would you rather get a quality drywall and taping service other than ESP construction?


Drywall goes by a few names such as gypsum board, wallboard, gyp board, plaster board or sheet rock, but whatever name you tag it, it’ll demand a complete repair with time. Drywall is a modern building material that comes in large panel and usually come with two faces, it’s one of the many construction services ESP offers. We don’t just jump into commencing your project without getting a comprehensive survey and analysis of the site involved, it enables us understand what your site needs and how best to apply the solution. After the examination, we bring up a quality laydown of your work process to make the entire rhythm one of a milestone. Each time you come across the concept of drywall, always remember that it entails a panel made of calcium dehydrate (gypsum), with or without additives, typically extruded between thick sheets of facer and backer paper used in construction of interior walls and ceiling.

As an important part of building a new house or renovation, we deliver the best drywall at a minimal time frame.

We can start from scratch to finish to install a quality and firm drywall with excellent taping, the following are some processes we include while installing your new drywall:

  • Owing to the fact that drywalls usually come in sheet, it can be installed horizontally or vertically. They are harder to work and are usually used by professional. These larger sheets easily break during transport to the job site, although it require less work because larger sheet has just few joints to tape. We don’t install drywalls without our quality taping service, Hence, the work together to yield something inestimable.
  • Due to the variable thickness range, some drywall sheet are specifically used to overlay existing drywalls and are not intended to be used in new construction. ESP construction pay every bit of attention to the composition of any drywall.
  • During our drywall selection, we consider the environment where the drywall will be installed. For instance, there are various moisture resistant product specially built to suit high moisture areas like garages and bathrooms. If we are meant to purchase these drywalls for you, we’ll consider a lot before we proceed with purchase.
  • We inspect the installation site, prepare the area to remove old drywalls, nails, screw and anything else that may prevent the new drywall sheet from laying completely flat on the stud.
  • For cases of repair, we check that loose blocking, moisture damage, insect disrupt will not negatively affect the entire installation process. Surprisingly, we can stumble on steel studs and that’s a good significance of additional strength, insect proof and fire retardant. Here, we use screws.
  • We also inspect insulation attached to the stud to maximize energy efficiency.
  • The use of expanding foams to seal gaps and cracks on exterior walls is a method we can also adopt when repair situation comes up. Mostly, these foams are permanent, firm and cannot shrink, it specifically improves the durability of the drywall.
  • In measuring and cutting drywall for a ceiling, we never leave an end piece of any drywall unsupported.

Some Common Drywall's Issues

  • Rough or fragile outside corners: Instead using paper tapes on outside corners, we can use metal or plastic outside corner bead. We use Corner beads because they are more durable and quite easier in installation. You can always save the paper tape for outside corners.
  • Some contractors make the mistake of leaving the mud dry in the inside corners before the tape goes on. This same error isn’t found with ESP construction. We go to the extent of cutting the tapes into lengths and having them ready before mudding any corner. In that case, it’s way easier to measure our tape length before we get a mud in the wall.
  • Wherever two joints meet at their square edges, there’s always an issue of hiding mesh tapes on butt joints.
  • Drywall joints crack for several reasons. Mostly joints crack due to rigorous movement in wall framing and these movements are unavoidable. We proffer the best solution by making it strong as ever. Some contractors prefer stronger tapes for this high stressed joints. ESP has gotten these ideas and how to go about them.

Why You Need Drywall

 There are obvious advantages of drywall over other forms of plasters; for basic gypsum drywall, they are mixed with water and sometimes additives to produce the main materials. Because of the two faced nature of drywall where one face is strong and smooth and the other is rough textured, it has proven better quality than mere plastering.

Installing dry walls are very quick and easier to install than traditional plaster. The boards are cut into  shapes to fit the wall where it is needed.

When you build or remodel a home, you are left with the decision of choosing paint colour and curtain fabric, but the choice of the type of building material to use for your wall is more important because it’s somewhat permanent.

Drywall is very stable and thinner, it has joints that makes it way easier to repair, the use of dry wall patch or joint compound to fill in dents.

Drywall is fire resistant because it is made of mineral known as gypsum.

In terms of appearance, drywall in appealing to the eye, only if the contractor can do a professional work. Here, all you need do is simply contact ESP Construction and keep your fingers crossed.

In mold-resistant drywall, it’s coating prevents unnecessary microbial growth. If you are concerned about mold and mildew, the use of wallboard as mold resistant will serve better. In line with the variable thickness, we are bent on working within your fair budget to produce a final finish worth exceptional appraisal.


It’s one thing to cut and install drywall, it’s another to mud and tape. Any drywall project without a perfect finish will look very rough and dirty. This is where ESP is needed, Making a flawless taping and blending it with existing drywall. We put a firm drywall tape in joints we apply the mud, it’s usually done in smooth motion. Most contractors intentionally avoid some types of tapes as the barely produce a flawless finish and require a lot more mudding materials to get it done right.

We wipe off the excess mud on the seam surface to make it smooth and flattened. After the whole process, we recheck for tape joints where air bubbles appear, we wet and blade it off. In every stage of the task realization, we’ve got the best tool for any stage in drywall and taping.

Why ESP Is Best For Drywall And Taping

There are no two ways about hiring our drywall and taping services because problems other service men encounter, we have strategic means to conquer same problems and make your structure awesome.

You wouldn’t want to miss any of our quality service, kindly contact us today and get your job done!