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ESP is a family-owned and operated construction/renovation company in GTA, committed to helping homeowners recreate their space and improve their properties through quality renovation and construction processes. We are a brand passionate about providing top quality of craftsmanship and customer service to any customer that opts for our service(s).

Our name is synonymous with absolute customer satisfaction and topnotch service delivery. Having been in the industry for years, we have evolved and gone through rigorous stages that opened our eyes to things that are still unknown to most construction companies. That is why our name resounds all over the GTA when it comes to home renovation and general building construction services.  At ESP Construction, over 80% of the projects we handle come from referral and repeat customers. The reason is not far-fetched. We have accustomed ourselves with what it takes to deliver irresistible construction services that make our customers spread the good news about our unmatched service delivery. Our services are mind-blowing and detailed, little wonder our customers keep running back to us whenever they have new projects.

ESP Construction – A Brand For Every Homeowner

ESP Construction stands out as a brand for every homeowner. We are a company that understands the core needs of each homeowner and work with them as partners to deliver their needs. While we sing quality and on-time service delivery daily, we don’t do away with the fact that every homeowner has their unique needs, and each home model requires a unique approach. As such; before we fold our sleeves to jump on your projects, we go far and above to understand what you need exactly and how you need them. As experts in the industry with the satisfaction of our customers in mind, we suggest better ideas and proffer professional solutions to your need, as well ensure we are on the same page before we start working on your job.

We don’t just want to be your standard homeowner. At ESP Construction, we work with you as an exclusive partner from start to of finish your project in a timely manner, ensuring that you stay in the picture of the work progress. We don’t leave you out of the project and waste your time to deliver your projects on our own. ESP Construction was built on the standards of satisfying our customers timely. In line with this philosophy, we know the value of your time and what it takes to deliver on or before the agreed deadline. When you hire our service, you’re sure that we will do all the due process and deliver as agreed.

ESP Construction Is Not Your Every Day Construction Companies

Our services are tailored to transform your wish list into reality, a remodeled home you will appreciate forever. No matter the specifications and size of your project, we work on it and offer a full one-year warranty. Our confidence and commitment to service roots to the origin of our brand, and that is why we don’t send our representatives to your home for inspection and estimates. The owner of ESP Construction personally estimates your project, offers an estimate and works with you from start to finish of your project. This is not to fulfill formalities, but a result of our burning passion for serving you more than any other construction company you can ever think of.

Our Goal

We are unshakably committed to delivering topnotch craftsmanship and maximum customer satisfaction to each and every customer that hires any of our services. Despite the size and type of job, our passion and commitment remain strong, and we can never fail you.

Our Vision

While we have come a long way in the industry, we still put in more effort to ensure ESP Construction becomes the leading brand on the lips of everyone all over the GTA when it comes to home remodeling. Our vision is not just to build our name but also evolve and improve in line with the coming introductions in the industry. Ranging from materials to construction ideas and renovation methods that are yet to be introduced, we hope to be the first brands to adopt and deliver expertly.